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    TAS Rambutan kompot is a sweetened canned treat containing whole rambutan fruits dipped in sugar syrup. Rambutan is a tropical fruit known for its vibrant red skin covered with soft spines and juicy, transparent interior that resembles the taste and texture of grapes or lychees, with a delicate sweet-sour note. This compote preserves the refreshing and unique flavor of the rambutans, while the sugar syrup adds sweetness, making it great as a stand-alone dessert or as an ingredient in a variety of dishes. Rambutan compote goes perfectly with other tropical fruits, cream, yogurt and even spicy ingredients in sweet and salty combinations.


    Why is it used?

    TAS Rambutan compote is used for its ability to add a distinct tropical flavor and visual appeal to desserts, drinks and fruit salads. Due to its canned form, it is very convenient to use, as it allows you to avoid the process of peeling and preparing fresh rambutans, which saves time and ensures that the fruit is available throughout the year.

    Where is it used?

    • In desserts: Great for adding to panna cotta, yogurts, cakes and as a filling for tartlets (small, round or square pies that usually contain a sweet or savory filling) or as a garnish on desserts.
    • In drinks: Whole fruit or syrup can be added to exotic cocktails, mocktails (soft drinks that mimic classic cocktails in taste and appearance, but without added alcohol), smoothies or refreshing fruit drinks.
    • As a side dish: Serves as an attractive side dish to ice cream or sorbet, and also adds a special tropical touch to cheese and fruit platters.
    • In fruit salads: Add rambutan from compote for sweetness and a unique flavor in combination with other exotic fruits.

    TAS Rambutan Compote is a wonderful way to incorporate the taste and aesthetics of the tropical fruit into your culinary creations, whether you're making desserts, drinks or looking for a unique side dish. Its use in the kitchen is limited only by your imagination and desire to experiment.

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