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    TAS Longan kompot is a sweet canned treat that contains whole longan fruits in sugar syrup. Longan is a tropical fruit related to the lychee, known for its soft, translucent and juicy interior and sweet, slightly nutmeg flavor. This compote preserves the unique flavor and texture of longan while adding sweetness from the syrup, making it a great stand-alone dessert or addition to a variety of dishes. Longan compote goes well with other tropical fruits and dairy products, making it possible to create diverse and tasty combinations.


    Why is it used?

    TAS Longan compote is used for its ability to add a distinct and exotic flavor to a variety of desserts and drinks. Its convenient design makes it easy to use, without the need to prepare the fruit beforehand, which saves time and effort. Longan compote can enrich everything from simple ice creams to more complex desserts such as cakes and panna cotta, and also adds a unique flavor to cocktails and mocktails (soft drinks that mimic classic cocktails in taste and appearance, but without the added alcohol).

    Where is it used?

    • In desserts: Longan compote is great for adding to panna cotta, cakes, desserts in a jar and as a filling for sweet pies.
    • In drinks: Whole fruit or syrup can be used to flavor various cocktails and mocktails or as a tasty addition to fruit drinks and teas.
    • As a side dish: It can serve as an exceptional side dish to ice cream, sorbet or as part of an exotic fruit plate.
    • In fruit salads: Add compote longan to fruit salads for extra sweetness and an interesting texture.

    TAS Longan Compote is a great way to enjoy the rich flavor of longans all year round, whether as part of desserts, drinks or as a stand-alone treat. Its sweetness and exotic taste can enrich a wide range of dishes and are only limited by your creativity.

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