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    TAS rice noodles - thin are extremely fine and light noodles made from rice flour and water. This type of noodle is very popular in Asian cuisine, where it is used in many traditional dishes such as soups, salads, spring rolls and stir-fry dishes. Their thinness allows them to cook quickly, making them ideal for quick and easy meals. Due to their neutral flavor base, they perfectly absorb the flavors of the sauces and spices with which they are combined.


    Why are they used?

    TAS Rice Noodles - Thin are used for their ability to quickly absorb flavors and adapt to different culinary styles. Their thinness and quick preparation make it easy to use in a wide range of dishes, from cold salads to hot soups. They are an excellent choice for those looking for a light, gluten-free alternative to traditional pasta.

    Where are they used?

    • In soups: Thin rice noodles are a classic choice for soups such as Vietnamese Pho or Thai Tom Yum, where they are cooked directly in the hot broth.
    • In stir-fry dishes: They can be quickly added to hot pans with vegetables and proteins such as chicken, beef, tofu or seafood for a quick and tasty stir-fry dish.
    • In salads: Chilled and well-drained noodles add texture and satisfaction to cold Asian salads, enriched with herbs and spicy dressings.
    • In spring rolls: They are an excellent base for fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, where they are combined with vegetables, fresh herbs and various sources of protein.
    1. TAS rice noodles - thin are appreciated for their versatility and ease of preparation, making them a great choice for varied and healthy meals. Their light texture and ability to combine harmoniously with different flavors make them indispensable in any kitchen that appreciates the Asian cooking tradition.
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