Mango-Ginger chutney, fruit spice 170g
    Mango-Ginger chutney, fruit spice 170g

    Mango-Ginger chutney, fruit spice 170g

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    Mango-ginger chutney is a delicious, sweet-spicy sauce that combines the sweetness of mango and the spicy taste of ginger with various spices. "Fruit spiciness" describes the unique combination of fruity sweetness and spiciness that characterizes this type of chutney. Explore its versatility and discover how you can incorporate it into your dishes - more detailed information and a recipe can be found below.


    Where can Mango-Ginger Chutney be used?

    1. As a side dish: Perfectly complements Indian dishes such as curries, biryani and tandoori chicken, adding a rich depth of flavour.

    2. With steaks or roast meats: Mango-ginger chutney is a great accompaniment to roast meats, including lamb, pork and chicken, as its acidity and sweetness complement the meat's flavours.

    3. In sandwiches and wraps: It can be used as a spread in sandwiches and wraps, where it adds an interesting twist to classic ingredients.

    4. As a dip: It is great as a dip for snacks like samosas, pakoras or simply vegetables and crackers.

    5. In salads: A few tablespoons of mango-ginger chutney can be added to a salad for extra aroma and taste.

    6. In marinades: You can also use it to marinate meat or tofu, where ginger and mango offer both flavor and tenderness.

    Mango-ginger chutney is a versatile sauce that can enrich many dishes with a unique taste. Its combination of sweetness, acidity and spiciness can transform simple dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences. We have prepared a simple recipe for you that includes a delicious Mango-ginger chutney. Discover the recipe by clicking on: recipe .

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