copy of RDEČI FIŽOL KIDNEY 400g

    copy of RDEČI FIŽOL KIDNEY 400g

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    Pickled JALAPENO CHILI, RED, HOT, 🌶🌶🌶 represents an interesting twist on the traditional use of green jalapeno chilies. Red jalapenos take longer to ripen than green ones, which usually makes them a bit sweeter and hotter. When marinated in a mixture of water, wine vinegar, and salt, these chilies take on an extra dimension of flavor—a combination of sweetness, heat, and acid that's great for complementing a wide variety of dishes.


    Why is it used?

    Pickled JALAPENO CHILI, RED, HOT, is used for its ability to add depth and complexity of flavor to a variety of dishes. The sour note of wine vinegar, the sweetness of red jalapeno chilies and their heat create a unique flavor profile that can enrich everything from sandwiches and burgers to tacos and salads.

    Where is it used?

    • In sandwiches and burgers: Adding pickled red jalapeno chiles to sandwiches and burgers brings a spiciness and acidity that enriches the flavor.
    • As an addition to Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes: Pickled jalapenos are great for adding to dishes like tacos, nachos, burritos and enchiladas, where their heat and acidity add interesting flavors.
    • In salads: Pickled chilies can add a spicy kick to a variety of salads, from vegetable to pasta.
    • In dips and sauces: Chopped pickled jalapenos are a great ingredient in spicy dips and sauces like guacamole or salsa, where they add complexity.
    • In pizzas: Adding pickled jalapeno chilies to pizza brings an extra dimension of flavors, from the heat to the sourness.

    Pickled JALAPENO CHILI, RED, HOT, is extremely popular for its versatility and ability to add both vibrancy and depth to dishes. Its unique combination of sweetness, heat and sourness makes this product indispensable in the kitchen for anyone who wants to add an extra flavor character to their culinary creations.


    Ingredients: jalapeno pepper, water, wine vinegar, salt, antioxidant: ascorbic acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate

    Net quantity: 190g

    Net fruit: 90g

    Use by at least the date printed on the packaging.

    Store in the refrigerator after opening!

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