Bamboo towels (cloths)
    Bamboo towels (cloths)
    Bamboo towels (cloths)
    Bamboo towels (cloths)
    Bamboo towels (cloths)
    Bamboo towels (cloths)

    Bamboo towels (cloths)

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    Reusable bamboo towels, strong, absorbent and washable. Ideal for cleaning at home, in the office or in the workshop. An environmentally friendly product that replaces 60 rolls of paper towels.


    Discover a revolutionary way to clean with our reusable bamboo towels. Made from durable bamboo fibers, these towels offer exceptional strength, absorbency and versatility while being gentle on the environment.

    Reusable and washable: Each towel is designed for long-term use. After use, you can easily wash it under running water or in the washing machine. With each wash, the towels become softer and more absorbent, which allows them to be used up to 60 times.

    Strong and durable: Bamboo fibers provide exceptional strength, making the towels tear-resistant and suitable for intensive use in the kitchen, bathroom, workshop, car, garage and elsewhere.

    Versatile: These towels are ideal for dry or wet cleaning and are effective at removing dirt and stains on a variety of surfaces.

    Environmentally friendly: Bamboo towels are biodegradable, reducing your ecological footprint. By using them, you help to reduce waste and preserve natural resources.

    An economical choice: One roll of bamboo towels contains 20 pieces and replaces as many as 60 rolls of conventional paper towels. This means less consumption and savings, and at the same time contributes to the reduction of waste.

    Include bamboo towels in your everyday cleaning routine without a bad conscience. By using them, you not only clean your home, but also actively contribute to the protection of our planet. They are ideal for anyone who wants to combine efficiency and durability in one product.

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