Cotton protective gloves with yellow edge...
    Cotton protective gloves with yellow edge (knitted) 12 pairs

    Cotton protective gloves with yellow edge (knitted) 12 pairs

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    Knitted cotton protective gloves with yellow trim

    The gloves are made of high-quality cotton material, which ensures durability and comfort when wearing. They are designed with 10 Gauge thickness, which means a medium thickness knitting that offers an optimal balance between protection and flexibility.


    Key features:

    • Material: High-quality cotton that provides a good grip.
    • Thickness: 10 Gauge, which provides good protection while maintaining flexibility and breathability.
    • Design: The elegant yellow border gives the gloves a recognizable and professional look.
    • Size: Universal size to fit most users.

    Application: These gloves are ideal for a wide range of activities where hand protection is required. They are an excellent choice for:

    • Gardening: Protect your hands from thorns, dirt and other sharp objects.
    • Housework: Ideal for cleaning, washing and other daily tasks.
    • Workshop: Protect your hands when doing manual and light mechanical work.
    • Arts and Crafts: Allows precise handling of materials without loss of sensation.
    • General use: Suitable for packaging, sorting and other general purposes.
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