Black jasmine rice noodles 250g
    Black jasmine rice noodles 250g

    Black jasmine rice noodles 250g

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    Black jasmine rice noodles are a special variety of rice noodles made from black jasmine rice. This type of rice is known for its rich, nutty aroma and high nutritional value, including the antioxidants, fiber and minerals present in the naturally dark husk of the rice grain. Black jasmine rice gives the noodles a distinctive dark color that can add visual interest and nutritional richness to a variety of dishes.


    Why are they used?

    Black jasmine rice noodles are prized for their unique combination of taste, color and nutritional value. Their intense color and rich, nutty flavor can enrich the look and taste of a plate, while their nutritional value contributes to a more balanced diet.

    Where are they used?

    • In Asian soups: These noodles are a wonderful addition to rich and flavorful soups, where their color and flavor complement the other ingredients.
    • In stir-fry dishes: Their unique texture and nutty flavor are ideal for quick stir-fry dishes together with vegetables and a selection of proteins such as chicken, beef, tofu or seafood.
    • In salads: Noodles can add color and nutrients to cold salads enriched with vegetables, herbs and Asian dressings.
    • In wraps: They are used as a base in fresh spring wraps, where they are combined with various fresh ingredients for a light and nutritious dish.
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