Noodles with mulberry leaves 250g
    Noodles with mulberry leaves 250g

    Noodles with mulberry leaves 250g

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    Noodles with mulberry leaves are a unique culinary specialty that includes the delicate aroma and nutritional properties of mulberry leaves in the traditional form of noodles. Mulberry leaves, known for their high content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which give these noodles a special nutritional value and a subtle taste that can enrich various dishes. This type of noodle is a great example of how traditional ingredients can enrich modern cooking creations while offering additional health benefits.


    Why are they used?

    Noodles with mulberry leaves are popular because of their unique aroma and taste, which are obtained from natural ingredients. The mulberry leaves used in making these noodles are known for their rich nutritional composition, which adds extra value to the noodles. This product is often chosen to enrich culinary experiences with natural flavors and to explore new dimensions in dishes.

    Where are they used?

    • In soups: They can serve as a nutritious base for different types of soups, where their delicate taste is nicely complemented by other ingredients.
    • In stir-fry dishes: Their use in quick stir-fry dishes with vegetables and selected protein sources such as chicken, beef, tofu or seafood adds nutritional value and subtle flavor to the dish.
    • In salads: Noodles with mulberry leaves can enrich cold salads, adding color, texture and additional nutrients.
    • In cold wraps: They can be used as a base in cold wraps along with fresh vegetables, herbs and various sources of protein, creating a nutritious and delicious meal.

    Noodles with mulberry leaves are an excellent example of the innovative use of traditional ingredients in modern cuisine, which not only enrich the taste of the dish, but also add value with natural ingredients. Their inclusion in various recipes enables the exploration of new taste combinations and enriches the culinary experience .

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